How to Check Car Oil in Santa Ana, CA

Oil Changes

To keep your new Volkswagen operating smoothly on Santa Ana roads, knowing how to check the oil in your car is a necessary skill. In the following guide, we’ll cover the tips on how to check car oil quality in addition to how to check oil level in car reservoirs under the hood. Read on below to learn more about how to check the oil in your car!

How to Check Oil Level in Car

Learning how to check oil in a car is a fairly simple process, and once you do it you’ll know how to check car oil forever! Here’s how to do it right in your own Irvine driveway:

  • Park your car on even ground and turn it off.
  • Allow your car to cool off before getting under the hood as engine components can remain very hot.
  • Pop your hood. Locate the dipstick. Refer to your owner’s manual for necessary guidance.
  • Pull out the dipstick and wipe it off with a towel.
  • Reinsert the dipstick, then remove again and note it’s level.
  • The level should fall on the crosshatched area marked on your dipstick.
  • If it is low, top it off. If it is high, you will need to drain some.
  • Now you know the most accurate method for how to check oil level in car engines!

How to Check Oil Quality in Car

In addition to knowing how to check oil level as part of your vehicle maintenance, you should know how to check the oil in your car for overall quality. Oil should smell mild and have a glossy, almost transparent look to it. Here are some signs of bad oil:

  • Grainy particles
  • Dark or opaque appearance
  • Looks like chocolate milk
  • Seems very thick or sludgy
  • Foul smell like rotten cheese

Schedule Your Next Oil Change in Santa Ana at Volkswagen South Coast

With your new knowledge of how to check oil in a car, what did you discover when you check yours? If your oil is old or your oil level is low or high, schedule a service appointment with our Volkswagen South Coast service center today. We can also help you learn how often to change synthetic oil, and more! We are proud to serve our greater Costa Mesa and Orange area customers with quick and thorough maintenance so you can get back out on the road— and our technicians certainly know how to check oil in a car!

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